Traumatized By War, Islamic State's Child Fighters Learn To Thursday 8th March 2018 06:19:04 PM

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The Islamic State Tuesday released its latest sick ISIS execution video, featuring a junior 'Jihadi John' executing an alleged Israeli spy.

The latest 13-minute long ISIS video follows the by-now-familiar format of the executioners standing behind their soon to be executed hostage clad in an orange jumpsuit.

The victim in this video, a 19-year old Arab-Israeli named as Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam, appears in a taped confession explaining how he works for MOSSAD and was sent into Syria by the Israeli spy agency to spy on them.

The child soldier, standing next to French-speaking jihadist, then takes a handgun and shoots the hostage in the head, although slick editing means that it is not immediately apparent who pulls the trigger.

A further three shots are fired after Musallum hits the ground.

The video ends by publishing the names of 13 men, including Musallam's father and elder brother, who it claims are also working for Mossad.

Israel and Musallam's family have denied the spying accusation. They said their son traveled to Syria to fight with ISIS.

They said they received an anonymous phone call from someone around a month ago, who told them Musalam had tried to flee ISIS, but was caught at a Turkish checkpoint, and was arrested.


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