Thursday 1st March 2018 06:06:36 PM" > Thursday 1st March 2018 06:06:36 PM">
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is charged with postin Thursday 1st March 2018 06:06:36 PM

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ISIS cuts off hand: Islamic State punishes thief in gruesome
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A new video shows ISIS militants in Syria “amputating” an alleged thief’s hand, and doing a terrible job of it. ISIS is famous for cherry-picking from the Koran and other texts to fit their sick interpretation of Islamic law, and to them, the amputation of the limb of thief is a divinely sanctioned punishment.

But these idiots are terrible at amputating limbs. They hack away in a sickening manner that even a butcher would find distasteful. The blade appears to be duller than butter and it takes almost a minute for the pitiful accused man to be parted with his hand.

ISIS is in control of wide areas of Syria and Iraq, but as the Iraqi Army and its allies advance on the city of Tikrit, some commentators are predicting a rather swift end to the terror group within the borders of Iraq if government offensives can liberate major cities like Tikrit and Mosul.


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