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Young and Hungry - Season 05 Episode 05
ISIS beheadings: Islamic State militants in Libya behead eig
Islamic State militants captured nine oil workers from the al-Ghani oil field in Libya last Friday, according to Libyan military spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari.

The militants also beheaded eight oil field guards, according al-Mesmari. The Tehran-based Press TV reported the militants shot the guards and then set parts of the oil field on fire.

IS militants took nine foreign workers hostage, including four workers from the Philippines, one from Austria, one from the Czech Republic and one from Bangladesh. The ninth hostage's nationality has yet to be identified.

The al-Ghani oil field is located near the town of Zalla, about 470 miles southeast of Tripoli, Libya's capital.

The Associated Press reported that al-Mesmari warned IS militants plan to take over Libya's petroleum industry.

"This is the lifeline of the Libyan people," al-Mesmari said Monday.

One oil worker reportedly died of a heart attack after watching the beheadings.


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Young and Hungry - Season 05 Episode 05
Extraterrestrial Life from an Islamic Perspective
Host: Safiyyah Ally, of “Let The Quran Speak”

Guest: Dr. Shabir Ally.

Q: Aliens and extraterrestrial life.

What are extraterrestrial life forms?

Are there any verses in the Quran that hint at their existence?

If they were to be discovered, what would that mean for human beings and their special relationship with God?

Would these beings have the potential to be Muslims too, and to abide by the Quran and the Prophet’s teachings?

With me to discuss is Dr. Shabir Ally, President of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre, Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Shabir, what would it mean for us if there were extraterrestrial life forms?

Dr. Shabir: Let’s think about what the term itself means first.

There is an excellent article about this on the OnIslam website. The article stresses that we must be clear on what we mean by this.

When people think about extraterrestrial life forms nowadays, they are often thinking about the Hollywood images. There are some people who perhaps think that the crash landing of a spaceship in Roswell, New Mexico was carrying alien life forms and that the US government is somehow suppressing this information lest people be concerned about this, and so on.

What is very clear is that the study of the level of Astrophysics, we can be sure that none of this has actually happened. Because to have life as we know it, a planet would have to be like ours, in that it would be distant from its “sun”, but not too distant. Distant enough to not be too hot, and not too far away so that it becomes too cold. It would have to have the right mixture of certain ingredients. It would have to be able to support water, which is essential for life as we know it.

If such intelligent life as human beings emerged in a planet somewhere else, that planet would be very far away. So far, no planet like ours has been discovered within our Solar System, and other systems are very far away.

To give you an idea, light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second, or 300,000 kilometers per second. Other systems are some 4.3 billion light years away. So we do have the vastness of our space and the possibility of the hundred billion galaxies that are out there similar to our Milky Way Galaxy and the hundred billion stars within each one, you can have many Earths out there similar to our own and of course intelligent life, but, we don’t have knowledge of them and the distances are so vast that we don’t expect that any of them would have actually arrived on Earth, even given the most advanced technologies they would have.

Q: Of course there is a fear that if there is extraterrestrial life out there, it’s intelligent life and more intelligent that human beings perhaps.

Dr. Shabir: Yes, and if there were such beings out there and they had the capability of traveling and coming to Earth, they wouldn’t be coming in such isolated incidents that are sometimes reported on these conspiracy sites that we can read on the web. There would be teaming with such extraterrestrial visitors, but this is not the case.

So in short, there is no evidence that any such beings have actually visited Earth at least in our lifetimes. At the same time, we must allow for the possibility that they do exist.

Q: Is there anything in the Quran perhaps that suggests there are other beings other than class="StrictlyAutoTagBold">human beings that exist?

Dr. Shabir: The Quran actually is quite open to the possibility that many Earths do exist, because the first chapter of the Quran says: “Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds”. In fact, it says here Al-Alamin which is “The Universes” in the plural.

So there could be many universes and many worlds. In traditional commentaries on the Quran, it has been explained that it’s given here in the plural because we have many worlds operating even around us and in our own bodies there are many systems.

There is a world of human beings, there is a plant world, the world of Jinns which is another set of creatures, and the world of angels, another sort of creatures. So there could be many other sorts of creatures out there.

In the 74th chapter of the Quran we read, “And none knows the soldiers of your Lord except Him.” Also the 29th verse in the Quran’s 42nd chapter says: “And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and what He has dispersed throughout them of creatures. And He, for gathering them when He wills, is competent.” It would seem from this verse that such animate life is scattered throughout the heavens and the earth.

Q: Would this shake up our understanding of humanity as being sort of special to God? Because, when you look at the Quran there is a lot of emphasis on human beings and on Earth, not necessarily on other planets or other beings out there.

Dr. Shabir: If someone had a simplistic understanding, and of course that was the only understanding for generations people could have, because they saw things within the certain narrow confines of the human experience...
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Young and Hungry - Season 05 Episode 05
Perspectives - Architecture by road
Vidéo de la conférence donnée par Antoine Dubois, Jérémy Coste et Tristan Terisse, le 11 décembre 2014 à pierresvives.

A la découverte des habitats du monde. Première étape : l’Asie.

Architecture by Road est né de la rencontre entre un jeune réalisateur, Jérémy Coste, et deux architectes fraîchement diplômés, Tristan Terisse et Antoine Dubois.

Tous formés à Montpellier, ils ont arpenté l’Extrême-Orient du 11 mars au 11 septembre 2014. Ils présentent à pierresvives, le film relatant la première étape de leur projet.

Entre la Thaïlande, le Laos, le Cambodge, le Vietnam, la Chine, le Japon, l’Indonésie et Singapour, ils ont navigué entre architecture traditionnelle et contemporaine sur le sujet de l’habitat.

Tout au long du parcours ils ont rencontré et questionné des architectes de tous horizons, et des habitants, sur la définition et l’avenir de l’habitat dans un XXIe siècle qui s’annonce riche en perspectives.

Pour comprendre au mieux une architecture, il fallait aussi s’imprégner des essences du contexte dans lequel elle s'insère. Le trio a eu l’occasion de vérifier in situ que souvent lorsqu’une architecture est à l’écoute, s’inspire et respecte le contexte qu’elle doit côtoyer, elle se retrouve porteuse de sens et d’efficience. Ils ont pris à coeur de traverser, mettre en image et interroger à la fois les architectures, les territoires et les hommes.

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