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Kristen Forester, 18-year-old wearing bra and panties, gets
An 18-year-old woman driving around Fort Pierce, Florida in the early hours of October 21, in her underwear, was arrested for drinking under the influence, according to a Fort Pierce Police Department report. The dash cam video of the traffic stop shows her failed attempts to complete a series of field sobriety exercises, wearing only black tanga panties, barely covered by a No. 23 Miami Heat jersey.

When asked why she was driving in only a bra and panties, Forester simply replied that she was on her way home from work, giving no clue as to her line of employment. Police were alerted when she recklessly drove her Honda Civic along Seaway drive at 56 m.p.h where the limit was 35 m.p.h. A Fort Pierce police officer stopped her, then called in another officer for assistance.

Forester had alcohol on her breath and when asked if she had been drinking, she admitted to having had one shot of liquor, but said she hadn't taken any medication or controlled substances.

The arriving policeman, Fort Pierce Police Officer Michael Azevedo, meticulously checked Forester's pupils and noted they were 'bloodshot and glossy, with a lack of smooth pursuit'.

Azevedo then conducted a number of field sobriety exercises, which Forester attempted without resistance and to the best of her abilities. He noted that during the 'one leg stand', Forester put her foot down more than seven times and used her arms for balance. For reasons of safety, the exercise had to be terminated.

The next exercise was the 'walk and turn' and again, Forester struggled to keep her balance. The final exercise was the 'nose touch' and Forester was unable to touch the end of her nose on several occasions, landing her fingertip on her upper lip instead.

Based on these results, Azevedo concluded that the young woman was indeed drunk and arrested her for driving under the influence.


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