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Ex.1/ 00:14 (Palenque from One Summer Night by Paco de Lucia)
Ex.2/ 01:30 (Solea Villa Vieja from Album Luzia)
*Ex.3/ 03:24 My homage
Ex.4/ 08:12 (Manteca Colora from Luzia)

Interesting interview to Paco de Lucía on January 1977
Link to the original newspaper (in Spanish)

The most interesting comments in my opinion are as follows:


1) “I leave Spain because the atmosphere is unbreathable for me… The prejudices, the flamenco orthodox people, the tradition… I don’t like all that. I need fresh air. I need to work freely, without static purism that ties me up. The orthodox have messed with me non stop since I started to have success…”

2) “Here (in Spain) I’m always tense, thinking if I’m doing good or wrong, if I’m bothering someone, if I will have to beg forgiveness because I’m a successful person…”

3) “I want to work fulltime in jazz. I think that is a decisive musical movement and I’m interested in all that. My flamenco roots will never be lost but I have so much to see and learn regarding techniques, sound and rhythms.”

4) “The purists want me to play the same things as always. They want me to play obsolete music without experimentation or improvisation.”

5) “I want to live. Here (in Spain) is have to be always demonstrating who I’m. But I need to learn more than to demonstrate…. I just want to have fun with my music, without feeling that I’m playing as a job, I don’t want to be a slave of it. I’m against of having a “music star” way of life… Lately, with so many commitments there was happening something very sad: I didn’t have time to play privately… I need to play without feeling I’m forced to do it… I don’t like “commercial music” way of life… I want to experience life… I want to give concerts and experience life, not only to live to perform in concerts…”
I invite you to reflect on them, some people may say that Paco de Lucía is the new orthodoxy, but I particularly think that those who say so do it as a way to justify their own mediocrity. Paco's work continues to be avangard as none of the present flamenco musicians have being able to equal the complexity, mastery, deepness and beauty of Paco's music.


Flamenco as a Language (Modern)
Paco de Lucia vs Narrow-minded Kitsch

To conclude here is one of his most difficult pieces
(Rio de la Miel / from his timeless album Luzia)
on Spanish tv http://www.rdiaz.org/rdvideo887.html

If you disagree with me this video is for you... if not just skip it
opinions / comments should be given according to qualification


4) “The purists want me to play the same things as always. They want me to play obsolete music without experimentation or improvisation.”

Newspaper link http://www.rdiaz.org/rdmagazine48-newspaper.html
What is flamenco and what’s not…
Paco´s advise to always use just an standard metronome for practice http://youtu.be/M8oGQAlJsKc?t=14s
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