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Sriram (Bala) is the only son of Manivannan and Meera Krishnan who is very fond of his parents. The family is settled in Malaysia and Sriram studies in a college. Indu (Charmee) is the daughter of a rich businessman Karunakaran (Kalabavan Mani) and she is Sriram’s classmate. Karunakaran is short tempered and never trusts his own daughter. He always fears that Indu would fall in love with someone which makes him to behave strict towards her always.

One day, Indu’s classmates plan to throw a surprise birthday party to her. But Karunakaran arrives during the time of party which shocks Indu. Also, one of her classmate foul plays by sending a gift in the name of Sriram to Indu which is seen by Karunakaran. Now Karunakaran doubts that Indu is in love with Sriram but Indu refuses that which Karunakaran does not believe. Karunakaran plans to get Indu married to a rich guy. But Indu gets to know that the groom is a murderer and shows no interest in wedding proposal which further angers Karunakaran.

A few other incidents happen by coincidence which make Karunakaran believe that Indu and Sriram are in love. Karunakaran threatens Sriram’s father Manivannan asking him to control his son. When Manivannan enquires about this, Sriram promises that he does not love anyone and he would marry only the girl selected by his parents. But Karunakaran’s doubts still persist and he beats Maniannan’s shop one day. Manivannan gets frightened and requests Sriram to leave the town for a few days so that Karunakaran does not harm Sriram.
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Young and Hungry - Season 05 Episode 05
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Perarasu (2006) is a Kollywood Tamil film starring Captain Vijayakanth, Debina Bonnerjee, Nassar, Sarath Babu, and Prakash Raj with music composed by Praveen Mani. The film is directed by Udhayan. This movie is a typical unadulterated masala movie with a good-cop-versus-bad-guys story. Perarasu is similar to several earlier films of Vijayakanth, like Vallarasu and Pulan Visaranai. He can be seen in every frame. He plays a dual role as a law enforcer and a terminator. The action scenes are mainly flying kicks with no blood and gory scenes.

It is basically an investigative film as CBI officer Kasi Viswanathan (Vijayakanth) is entrusted to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Judge Sadhasivam (Nassar). The Kasi Viswanathan team comprises junior officer Kesavan Nair (Anandaraj) and a constable Kandhasamy (Pandiarajan).

Soon Kasi finds out that a state minister Ilakkiyan (Prakash Raj) is behind all crimes in the city and he is assisted by three senior cops. Suddenly one by one the bad cops are killed, with needle of suspicion resting on Kasi as a look-alike is behind the murders. It is revealed that it is a revenge killing by Perarasu Pandiyan (Vijayakanth), Kasi’s twin brother.

We are told in a flashback by the family retainer (Chandrasekhar) that Kasi was the long-lost twin brother of Perarasu Ilavarasu Pandiyan and their father, the local chieftain Chakkaravarthi Pandiyan (Sarath Babu), was at one time the king maker of Panchalankurichi. After making Sivapprakasam Mansoor Ali Khan and Ilakkiyan, MLAs he falls out with them and they murder him. Perarasu who has seen this murder now wants to take revenge.
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