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Young and Hungry - Season 05 Episode 05
Mad Clown (Fire (feat. Jin-sil of Mad Soul Child)) 매드클
Jung Yong-hwa (Mileage)
This is a track from Jung Yong-hwa's first solo album titled "One Fine Day." Jung Yong-hwa's sweet singing voice and Yang Dong-geun's rap flow blend together perfectly. The upbeat rhythm and relaxing melody sound pleasant to the ears, and the song gives off a different vibe compared to CNBLUE's songs.

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Lizzy (Not an Easy Girl)
This is Lizzy's first solo song. The candid and hilarious lyrics as well as the upbeat and catchy melody line will grab your attention right away. Lizzy's charming vocal style and Jung Hyung-don's rap make the song even more addictive.

Music Unplugged
Mad Clown (Fire (feat. Jin-sil of Mad Soul Child))
This is the title track of Mad Clown's third mini album, "Piece of Mine." Mad Clown's trademark high-tone rap flow blends well with Mad Soul Child Jin-sil's voice. It's about a man, who can't leave girl no matter how terribly she treats him.

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G.Soul (You)
This is the title track of G.Soul's first mini album, "Coming Home." G.Soul debuted with this alternative rock track with an intense drum beat. In this candid love song, G.Soul will leave a strong impression with their powerful vocals, and their vocals near the end of the song will remind you of a gospel choir.

Davichi (Cry Again)
This is the title track of Davichi's mini album, "DAVICHI HUG." It's a heart-wrenching song about a woman, who is unable to express her true feelings toward her boyfriend who broke up with her. The vocal harmony will blow your mind away, and the song reaches its emotional climax toward the end.
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