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Here’s some interesting Justin Bieber news: Justin Bieber leaked pics of him skinny dipping in Bora Bora have hit the internet. The pictures of Justin Bieber’s peen have stirred up controversy. Basically, he and his possible girlfriend Jayde Pierce could sue the paparazzi if they wanted. It’s an invasion of privacy and a long telephoto lens may have been used. Apparently this is looked down upon in the paparazzi world.

In Selena Gomez news, she did an interview with Billboard Magazine where she said that back in 2014 she was suffering from Lupus and had to get chemotherapy. Selena goes on to state that everyone that was making fun of her is an asshole because they didn’t know what was truly going on. I agree with Selena.

Finally, the Indiana University fraternity Alpha Tau Omega has been suspended for “sexually hazing” an upcoming pledge. A pledge name “Scotty” was forced to perform oral sex on a stripper while his “brothers” cheered him on. It looks like he didn’t want to do it and the stripper was grabbing his head and almost suffocating him. This isn’t the first time this fraternity has gotten in trouble.
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Indiana University ATO Oral Sex Hazing: http://bit.ly/1jQQX2z
Justin Bieber Leaked Peen Pictures: http://bit.ly/1jQR8Ln
Selena Gomez Lupus Chemo Confession: http://bit.ly/1jQRktX
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